Bridal Dresses and Accessories

Almost every girl dreams about her wedding day, wedding-gown, veil, etc. from her childhood. Maybe you want to wear your favorite designer’s dress or the one you shortlisted from magazines. Wedding shopping could be exhausting with so many appointments to make and attend meetings. The wedding is a big day for every couple and everyone wants it to be the best and perfect day.

For a bride, her wedding dress is most important outfit yet difficult to select. You can look online, visit different designer’s boutiques and grab the one you find most comfortable and alluring.

BRIDAL DRESS– Go for the dress that compliments your height, body shape and make-up. It’s not just about the dress, its stitching and fitting according to your requirement is necessary. Try to make an early appointment from where you want to buy the dress so that if the design is not available, they can order it for you. Other than this, try to set a budget beforehand so that you won’t get intimidated by other expensive dress and stick to your budget because the wedding is an expensive affair and you need to maintain your balance for other accessories.

BRIDAL ACCESSORIES– Along with dress comes many bridal accessories like veil, tiara, bracelets, anklets, rings, shoes, etc. Keep in mind that “less is more” so that you don’t over-do anything which does not get along with your bridal look. These accessories should match the design of your gown. You can buy it from the bridal dress salon or shop it online according to your convenience.

Bridal veil is available in different quality of the fabric like net, synthetic, etc decorated with silver stones or flowers and laces that add an exotic look to the bride. Tiara always gives royal look, you can go for diamond stones or if you want a natural look try tiara made from flowers and leaves.

Clutches always goes around with gown rather than other bags and choose your foot wares which is comfortable and stylish according to your preferences. There are other hair accessories available like hair clips, feather and flower hair clips, mesh veils, etc as per your hair-do. It is important to pre-order these accessories as shipping takes a few days or maybe it is not available at the shop.

THINGS TO REMEMBER– If you want to get your makeover from a salon on your wedding day, it is important to make a booking 1-2 months before and set an appointment with your make-up artist to discuss about what look you want and select the bridal make-up packages accordingly. Get your dress stitched few days before the wedding so that if any alteration has to be made, it will be done in time. Buy accessories as per your need because spending money on stuff with least utility is probably not a wise decision. The wedding is a big day for the bride. No doubt if you want it to be perfect, make all the arrangements beforehand.

Wedding Reception Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

Having an outdoor wedding is very romantic but it can come with a lot of ‘what-if’s’ with the main one being the weather. There is always the chance that it will rain on your wedding day and you will be forced to move it indoors but if you have the perfect day with lots of sunshine, here are some great ideas for the wedding reception.


One important thing to consider before choosing a venue is whether you will need a tent or not to hold the reception. Having a tent to host the wedding reception will help not having to spend the time continually in the sun. This can result in sunburns for the bride and guests. Some guests may not be able to stand much sunlight. Also, having a tent will be an insurance policy of sorts if the weather turns bad and starts to rain. It will also make it easier to keep the cake from melting under the hot sun. You should also have a backup plan where it can be moved indoors if necessary in case of a bad storm.

You should also look at the available parking because you want to make sure that your guests have a place to park and not have to walk a far distance to get to the reception or drive around looking for a parking spot. If you have the room for parking and such, you can always host the reception in your backyard.


For a wedding reception outdoors, it is best to keep the decorations to a minimum. As far as decorations are concerned let nature do the talking. Compliment nature with pieces that will enhance its grandeur. Just make sure that any hazardous decorations like lamps or candles are kept out the reach of any children. You also need to make sure anything that has wires is out of the way so no one will trip over them. You can use silk flowers instead of real ones if you would like.

Food and drink

The main thing that will dictate what you serve is your budget. It can be anything from a full sit down dinner to just snacks. It is best to keep it simple but one thing to remember is that it is true that many do judge a wedding by the type of food and drink they serve. For a wedding reception outdoors, you could have a hog roast or a buffet of picnic foods, or finger sandwiches. If there are to be children at the reception make sure that you include food on the menu that will satisfy the little ones.

These are just some ideas you can use when planning a wedding reception for an outdoor wedding.

15 Wedding Tips The Bride-to-be Must Follow

As a bride-to-be, we understand you must have to spend months in planning your wedding, but at the same time, have you given yourself some ‘me’ time? We bring to you 15 amazing tips that you ought to follow whether you have wedding venues in Mumbai or some other city for that enviable glow on your D-day!

1. Cleansing/toning/moisturising

The pre-bridal routine begins with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. A clean face will form the perfect foundation for a glowing look while toning will help tighten your pores and for the skin to be soft and supple moisturizer will be your best bet.

2. Exfoliation

Getting rid of dead skin is possible only with regular scrubbing and exfoliation. Make it a habit to exfoliate at least four to five times in a month.

3. Sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun at all times. Do not step out without a good SPF sunscreen.

4. Puffy Eyes

Get rid of puffy eyes by applying chamomile tea bags over the eyes do not mistake these for regular tea bags as they may stain your skin.

5. Sleep

Say goodbye to dark circles by getting a regular of seven to eight hours of sleep every day. The better you sleep – the happier you wake up and give your body the time to repair itself.

6. Spa

A spa is your perfect way to relax the mind, body, and soul. It will relax you and the glow is sure to show on your D-Day!

7. Detox

Indulge in a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food as much as possible and drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day.

8. Meditate

Nothing can be as refreshing and comforting as that of meditation. Give yourself me time as often as possible and see the difference in how you feel.

9. Deep condition

Your hair is your crown. Make sure it is healthy and glossy by giving it a deep conditioning mask every two to three times a month.

10. Waxing

Get rid of unwanted hair by visiting a parlor once a month or fortnightly as per your requirement. You don’t want to end up with cuts and bruises just days before your wedding.

11. Lip Balm

Lip balms are extremely crucial. Make your lips soft, supple instead of dry and chapped by investing in a good lip balm.

12. Manicure and Pedicure

Hands and feet are to be given importance just as much as you do for your face and hair. They add to your look and it is a healthy practice to keep them fresh and clean at all times.

13. Workout

Do not follow crash dieting or aggressive gym schedules. You don’t want to be looking tired and crabby. In fact, consult a dietician or a personal trainer to hep you tone up.

14. Dental Hygiene

Go to a dentist for a cleanup if required. Do not miss a visit. You have to be flashing your million-dollar smile in front of people and you don’t want stained teeth now, do you?

15. Minimalistic makeup

Keep it simple and keep it gorgeous

Latest Wedding Theme Decor Ideas For Outdoors

Indians always love big fat weddings and planning for that is itself an event for them. They take so many months to make all the planning and after the tedious sessions of planning, they finalize everything about the wedding. Details like a wedding venue, decorations, caterer, wedding planners, photographers, make-up artists and many more are selected with utmost care and perfection and also after going through thorough research.

In India wedding is not only about the D-day but so many pre-wedding occasions are also held in a grand way such as mehendi, sangeet ceremony, tilak, bridal shower, sagai, haldi etc. and each of them has their own significance and importance. All these occasions vary from religion to religion and tradition to tradition. The wedding day is the final day and is the most special day of these wedding celebrations and the couple as well as their families have to perform a plethora of rituals which have deep traditional values.

There are a plenty of wedding resorts in Bangalore and reception halls in Bangalore to choose from where you can have all these occasions regarding wedding and also you can throw your reception party like- Balan Farm Convention Centre, JW Marriott Hotel Bangalore, ITC Gardenia Bangalore, Le Meridien Bangalore, MLR Convention Centre Bangalore, TempleTree Leisure Bangalore, The Leela Palace Bangalore etc. which are absolutely stunning. It is also very important to decide the Indian wedding decoration theme for your wedding and to make the day more special. Here are some ideas for wedding decoration theme.

Fulgent Billowed Drapes Theme:-Theme wedding decorations have become very popular nowadays and they have a unique quality to make the place look grander. To adorn the ceiling of the hall, fulgent billowed drapes can be used. Though this theme can be applied at any place of the wedding hall, it is preferred to use it in the dining area and the wedding stage or mandap which is the center of attraction of any wedding.

Drapes should of the best quality fabric and the colors of the drapes should be chosen according to the taste and choice of the couple or their families. To brighten up this decoration more, string lights are also used along with the drapes. For wedding backdrop decoration, sometimes one single color is chosen to make it sober and simple. Suppose the theme of the wedding is fairytale then the chic and auspicious atmosphere can be created with white colored fulgent drapes along with white crystal chandeliers.

Faddish Decorative Panels Theme:-To give the decoration of the stage a new look and to give a twist of novelty to the cliched theme, decorative panels can be a good option to adorn the stage of wedding or reception. To give the panels a touch of elegance and sweet fragrance, flowers can be used in perfect proportion and contrasting colors. For this, you must hire the best flowers decorators who can provide you with the best ideas and best quality flowers. If you want to give the theme a royal look, you can decorate the ceiling with chandeliers made with the fabrics of the best quality.

Rustic Log Cabin Theme:-If you want a rustic theme for your wedding, hold your wedding celebrations inside a log cabin and give the stage a rustic look. To make this possible, adorn the backdrop with gild and yellow colored drapes and appoint the best flower decorators in Bangalore to decorate the top of the hall with flowers.

Chromatic Poolside Theme:-If you want to have an exotic wedding celebration at the poolside chromatic theme is the best one to choose as it incorporates vivid and vibrant colors. To make this theme the perfect one, the proper combination of lighting is also very important.

5 Summer Theme Ideas For The Perfect Wedding

2018 is all about trying out new themes and ideas and leaving behind conventional ideas. Couples are open to the idea of trying out something new and fancy. This is not limited to wedding attires alone, but also includes catering, venue decoration, and a lot more. If you are looking for some offbeat things to try then read on as we have some superb ideas to make your wedding a memorable one.

1. Jazz up the dance floor

An Indian wedding is incomplete without entertainment. Gone are the days when people took the floor as just the floor. 2017 and 2018 are all about catchy floorings that match along the themes of the entire decor. Some couples have even chosen to go with personalized message printed on the floor. The floors definitely add a pop of innovation and are great for pictures too.

2. Flower power

Simplicity can sometimes go a long way. Make an entry with a flower shower. You could line up your near and dear ones who could have palm full of petals and shower them on you. Synchronizing dress colours like that of bridesmaids could make this an even prettier sight.

3. Click at a photo booth

Gone are the days when the guests only had the option of being clicked only up on the stage. So, leave the old tradition of live photography limited only to the bride and groom alone. Throw in some interesting photo booth ideas that is sure to keep your guests entertained throughout. For instance, GIFs and Instagram video-based booths are quite a trend and will make for great photo booth options.

4. Colour blocking

Who said colour-blocking needs to be limited to clothes alone? Ginger up the party with some bright and vivid colours. Add to this bigger motifs and see the place light up in an instant. Beautiful canopies make for a lovely theme and add just the perfect element a bride wishes to see to make her look and feel beautiful.

5. Hang it up

Wedding banquets in Mumbai can sometimes lack the space we need for centerpieces so how about you involve ceiling decoration. You could explore the incredible variety based on whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors. Choose from satin drapes, paper chandelier to fairy lights or go for potted plants to add greenery or give it a rustic feel with birdcages.

Unconventional decor ideas always grab attention and are sure to give your guests something to look back over with fond memories. Give in to what your heart desires. Play with colors, objects, motifs, etc that speaks to you and about you! Cheers to an Instaworthy wedding!

Flower Caring Tips For Wedding Roses

At most of the times, we forget that the blooms we bring in for decoration are living entities and can be preserved for even more duration. If you want to maintain them, you need to carefully handle them in proper conditions. It is entirely up to you how you wish to treat them when you bring them in. Florists make use of the best knowledge and experience to select them for you. On consulting with few florists, I have tried to put together simple and effective ways to preserve bulk wedding roses.

1. Make use of Vases:

For events like weddings, we prefer to buy wholesale flowers as we need them in large numbers. To manage and preserve such significant number of blooms is a tough task. You can make use of these roses in creating bouquets and centerpieces. The roses left after forming the floral derivatives can be placed in different vases. You can arrange these vases anywhere in the premise. To preserve flowers, clean the vessel with hot water and fill it with warm water. Cut the leaves below water level as they promote bacterial growth.

2. Cut the stem:

When you have roses placed in water for the longer duration, the cells at the bottom of the stem die. It is difficult for the cells to absorb the water to keep the bloom fresh. To avoid it, cut the stem by 2-3 inches from the bottom so that new tissues can efficiently absorb the water molecules. Cutting the stem is widely and majorly used technique to save blooms. The idea works for every flower, not just roses.

3. Use preservative accessory:

With the help of Epoxy raisins, silica gel and a few home remedies, you can preserve roses for longer duration. Epoxy raisins will help roses preserve their original texture and color while silica gel will help you maintain the shape of the blooms. You can choose to use home remedies as well to protect the roses. The preservative is formed from common household accessories like vinegar, sugar, bleach and warm water. The preservation technique is beneficial and works wonderfully for the bulk wholesale flower.

4. Frequently replenish the water:

You must have observed at times that flowers absorb water too fast and to prolong the freshness, you need to replenish the water after regular intervals. For bouquets and centrepieces, make sure that drained water does not disturb the entire setup of the beautiful roses. You can add food packet of bactericide which will help the water stay fresh for a longer duration.

5. Avoid the placement of flowers in direct heat and light:

Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, hot vents, and radiators. Keep the bulk wedding roses at a place where the temperature is maintained between 65 to 70F. Sun and heat will encourage them to fade early and they might die very soon.

With the use of suggested remedies, you need not worry even if you buy wholesale flowers for the wedding. The tips given will surely help you preserve your bulk wedding roses.

A Map to Fully Orchid Themed Wedding

A wedding is a beautiful and unifying event bringing together loved ones from different places to join the event and bestowing loads of love to the couple getting married. Some people implement unique yet creative ideas to set a perfect and charming theme for their wedding. Nowadays, people prefer themed wedding decors. This means that everything in your wedding from walls to curtains, tables to the aisle is decorated as per a single theme. One of the most charming themes for weddings is a floral theme. The most important part is to maintain the theme on a wider scale for the wedding. Decorate the aisle, the wedding arch, the entrance, the menu board, the chairs and the tables with flowers, and you will witness the set mood in your wedding.

Where there are numerous floral themes to choose from, the most exciting of all can be an orchid-themed wedding. Another reason to choose orchids is that you can easily find orchids for sale online. This setting has now opened up numerous options for you, because orchids not only range in size, they range in colors as well. You can choose multiple colors which complement each other or can pick any single color and use its different shades. Either way, it is going to set the right edge. So, the first step is to choose the color and imagine it on the selected venue. There are several classifications of orchids to choose from like Moth orchids, dendrobium, boat orchid, Singapore orchid and many others. Wondering where from you can get orchid flowers for sale online? Whole Blossoms is your one-stop solution!

Boat orchid is a darker shade of pink which pops up because of its big bloom. This can be a perfect setting for the wedding if you consider sticking with one color. There is Singapore orchid which also has a vibrant vibe and can set the mood right for the occasion. Both these can be used with other orchids to form the right combination, and you can form a single colored theme. After the color is decided, you need to look at certain options. Like wedding garlands, borders of the aisle, flowers bouquets carried by the bride and bridesmaid, the wedding cake table, the chairs, etc. Most of these settings can be decorated with wedding garlands, which could have a leafy branch with orchid blooms popping out on them. The borders of the aisle can be decorated in a classical manner by setting up rectangular flower pots and arranging orchid plant in them. Along with all that, the highlighted part, which will be experienced by every single guest individually, is the centerpiece at the tables. There are numerous centerpiece ideas which can be done using the orchids. With the variety of colors, you can truly have your way with it. You can buy orchid flowers for sale online as they are easily available. Most of the people find it convenient to buy orchid flowers for sale.

Guide To Choose The Right Venue Decoration

Wedding decor is one of the best ways to let your personalities truly shine on your big day as your wedding attire. Couples are becoming very creative regarding wedding decor. Creating a beautiful wedding is a blend of unity, rhythm, interest, and excitement. People are really fond of theme wedding, so generally people are opting for it. Your wedding decorations totally depend on the theme you have decided. The weddings is like the glittery pixie dust whose essence linger for a lifetime so you want it to be picture perfect.

Here Are Some Tips To Choose The Right Venue Decoration-

1. Get A Crystal Clear Vision

You should have a weddings aesthetic and decide how your weddings should look like, so you can proceed with your weddings decorations. This is the first and foremost thing you should do even before deciding on the venue. You should take everything into consideration, the season you are getting married. Though Bangalore has a pleasant weather throughout the year. So if you want to have the outdoor weddings you can opt it easily. There are some of the hotels best weddings in Bangalore which will provide you with every facility from outdoor to the indoor wedding. Miraya Greens is located in Sakalwara Road near NICE Road.

2. Use The Color Palette As A Guideline

You can choose different colors of neutrals which make everything looks elegant and it suits every theme. Neutral colors such as beige, ivory and even the colors with grey undertones like charcoal, olive, green and khaki. If you are using such colors then you can add hues to your decor. You can use flower decoration for wedding which has the beige or white color. The Taj West End Hotel Bangalore has a stunning location you can plan your weddings and has lush green grass inside the property which will add up to your decor.

3. Start With The Essentials

After getting the rough idea of the venue and the colors, now you have to start with the decoration. Such as the mandap decoration Bangalore with flowers or maybe if it is an outdoor weddings then you can do it over the pool. You can get several ideas from the wedding decoration pictures. Then comes the sitting arrangement how do you want it to happen if your wedding location is a garden then you can put up a shade and then the entrance, it is the first thing the guest will get to see. You can use lights and flowers in the entrance which will make the guest impressed. Royal Orchid Resort and Convention Centre Bangalore is totally suitable for such a grand wedding.

4. Add The Secondary Details

You should take care of the small details too. Things which might not play such an important role but can light up the experience of your guest’s experience. Such as the menu card, the invitation card, and many more small things. You can decorate every room of the guest with some signature object of your wedding theme. You can add some more details if you are having garden wedding venues in Bangalore.

There are many other things such as you can jazz up the bar, you can add photobooths as taking photos for social media is a really important thing. So this is few things which will make your wedding decor perfect. You can even use this idea for the naming ceremony decoration.

Awesome Bangalore Venues That Look Ethereal With Flower Decorations

Wedding ceremonies are one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. So why not celebrate celebrate it with great pomp and show! To have a fancy wedding is every girl’s dream since childhood. Every year several decorators are approached by such brides who have always dreamt of such fancy and extravagant weddings. A mandap beautifully decorated with flowers or a picturesque landscape is a dream come true for most of the brides. With changing times, people outlook towards perfect mandap decoration has also change, it no more of a marigold decoration. Flower decorations Bangalore can be really extravagant. Following are some of the kinds of flower decorations done to make the wedding heavenly and give an ethereal look:

  • Theme wedding mandap:

Theme wedding decorations are of the most popular decorations desired by the brides. One such ideal decoration theme for such instances can be the white mist decoration. In this type of decoration the background is kept white with a light touch of other colours and props according to the ceremony. During day time, extremely light colours, mostly white are used. The mandap is embellished with white drapes, beads and light coloured flowers. On the other side, during night, lights are hung around to give a gorgeous look to it. An ideal venue for such decoration is the Balan Farm Conventinal Centre, Bangalore.

  • Outdoor:

There are several outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore one can hold their weddings in. One such venue is The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa. Outdoor wedding decoration can be quite experimental especially if the wedding ceremony is during the night. The mandap is mostly made right under the peaceful sky. It is embellished with fairy lights, artificial and real flowers which makes the environment more charming. Wedding ceremonies right under the stars can be such a heavenly feeling!

  • Traditional wedding mandap:

This is the most preferred type for most of the Indian wedding decorations Ideas. In this theme, all the rituals and customs are taken into account and the mandap is decorated according to that. Seven decorated earthen pots can be placed in all the four corners of the mandap which represents the seven sacred vows. To give the mandap a revamped and modern outlook, it can be decorated and draped with flowers and fairy lights. Some of the wedding locations in Bangalore ideal for such flower decorations are: ITC Marriot Hotel Bangalore, The Leela Palace, ITC Gardenia, etc.

Apart from these, there are many other themes which one can go for in their wedding ceremony. Besides, decoration in wedding ceremonies, reception stage decoration, Haldi decorations, Sangeet decorations, etc are also done. Not only a perfect wedding is planned and decorations for it are suggested but also active participation of all the people involved in the auspicious occasion is encouraged, be it from the groom’s side or the bride’s. This provides a unique touch to the entire wedding function starting from the mehndi , haldi to the mandap decor.

Awesome Bangalore Venues For Wedding Venues

Arranging for events like marriages, weddings, receptions, mehendi and sangeet is no joke. This is a project that comes with a large number of requirements, each of which has to be handled with care and precision if you wish to see a successful ending. One of the very first things that you have to arrange for is a proper venue.

Talking about such venues in Bangalore it can be safely said that there is no dearth of sophisticated wedding locations in Bangalore. This is a city that has a large number of stylish venues like the Golden Palm Hotel, Woodrose Club and the ITC Windsor, each of which happens to be well known five star luxury hotels that offer an array of super facilities and lavish amenities to create a lifetime of an experience for the host and also for the guests.

For those people who are arranging for such venues for the first time, this article will underline a few crucial points that will mark the appropriateness of your venue for weddings in Bangalore. If you wish to get all the facilities that will pamper your guests and will set your standards as a great host then the following guideline is something that you cannot give a miss.

Location – This is one of the most important aspects that must be considered when you are selecting wedding venues in Bangalore. Places such as the MLR Convention Center Bangalore and the Hotel Vivanta By Taj Yeshwanthpur are plush five star luxury hotels that are located in the prime parts of the city. These are the venues that are well located with the other parts of the city; hence commuting is no problem at all.

Valet Parking – This is yet again a very important aspect that must be given equal attention and significance as that of wedding decorations. This facility of valet parking is a sign of class and also relieves the guests of the pains and the tension of parking and fetching their cars. This is a facility that demarcates class from the masses and sets the note to the celebration.

The Inner Setting – Wedding venues like the Royal Palace Bangalore is a perfect example of a regal setting for any event such as a wedding or a reception. This is a place that has [plush lawns and gardens that can support perfectly theme wedding decorations. From the wedding mandaps to the place where the guests will be seated everything can be planned in the most immaculate and lavish manner. Places like the temple Tree leisure Bangalore also has stylish inner halls that can host a large number of guests at a single go and can also support extravagant internal decorations.

Conclusion – Finally it can be said that one of the most important aspects that must be borne in mind at the time of deciding on a wedding venue in Bangalore is the food and the array of cuisines that they serve. With the luxury five star hotels in the city, this should not be much of a trouble as most of them offer a wide choice of delectable food.