Flower Caring Tips For Wedding Roses

At most of the times, we forget that the blooms we bring in for decoration are living entities and can be preserved for even more duration. If you want to maintain them, you need to carefully handle them in proper conditions. It is entirely up to you how you wish to treat them when you bring them in. Florists make use of the best knowledge and experience to select them for you. On consulting with few florists, I have tried to put together simple and effective ways to preserve bulk wedding roses.

1. Make use of Vases:

For events like weddings, we prefer to buy wholesale flowers as we need them in large numbers. To manage and preserve such significant number of blooms is a tough task. You can make use of these roses in creating bouquets and centerpieces. The roses left after forming the floral derivatives can be placed in different vases. You can arrange these vases anywhere in the premise. To preserve flowers, clean the vessel with hot water and fill it with warm water. Cut the leaves below water level as they promote bacterial growth.

2. Cut the stem:

When you have roses placed in water for the longer duration, the cells at the bottom of the stem die. It is difficult for the cells to absorb the water to keep the bloom fresh. To avoid it, cut the stem by 2-3 inches from the bottom so that new tissues can efficiently absorb the water molecules. Cutting the stem is widely and majorly used technique to save blooms. The idea works for every flower, not just roses.

3. Use preservative accessory:

With the help of Epoxy raisins, silica gel and a few home remedies, you can preserve roses for longer duration. Epoxy raisins will help roses preserve their original texture and color while silica gel will help you maintain the shape of the blooms. You can choose to use home remedies as well to protect the roses. The preservative is formed from common household accessories like vinegar, sugar, bleach and warm water. The preservation technique is beneficial and works wonderfully for the bulk wholesale flower.

4. Frequently replenish the water:

You must have observed at times that flowers absorb water too fast and to prolong the freshness, you need to replenish the water after regular intervals. For bouquets and centrepieces, make sure that drained water does not disturb the entire setup of the beautiful roses. You can add food packet of bactericide which will help the water stay fresh for a longer duration.

5. Avoid the placement of flowers in direct heat and light:

Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, hot vents, and radiators. Keep the bulk wedding roses at a place where the temperature is maintained between 65 to 70F. Sun and heat will encourage them to fade early and they might die very soon.

With the use of suggested remedies, you need not worry even if you buy wholesale flowers for the wedding. The tips given will surely help you preserve your bulk wedding roses.

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