5 Summer Theme Ideas For The Perfect Wedding

2018 is all about trying out new themes and ideas and leaving behind conventional ideas. Couples are open to the idea of trying out something new and fancy. This is not limited to wedding attires alone, but also includes catering, venue decoration, and a lot more. If you are looking for some offbeat things to try then read on as we have some superb ideas to make your wedding a memorable one.

1. Jazz up the dance floor

An Indian wedding is incomplete without entertainment. Gone are the days when people took the floor as just the floor. 2017 and 2018 are all about catchy floorings that match along the themes of the entire decor. Some couples have even chosen to go with personalized message printed on the floor. The floors definitely add a pop of innovation and are great for pictures too.

2. Flower power

Simplicity can sometimes go a long way. Make an entry with a flower shower. You could line up your near and dear ones who could have palm full of petals and shower them on you. Synchronizing dress colours like that of bridesmaids could make this an even prettier sight.

3. Click at a photo booth

Gone are the days when the guests only had the option of being clicked only up on the stage. So, leave the old tradition of live photography limited only to the bride and groom alone. Throw in some interesting photo booth ideas that is sure to keep your guests entertained throughout. For instance, GIFs and Instagram video-based booths are quite a trend and will make for great photo booth options.

4. Colour blocking

Who said colour-blocking needs to be limited to clothes alone? Ginger up the party with some bright and vivid colours. Add to this bigger motifs and see the place light up in an instant. Beautiful canopies make for a lovely theme and add just the perfect element a bride wishes to see to make her look and feel beautiful.

5. Hang it up

Wedding banquets in Mumbai can sometimes lack the space we need for centerpieces so how about you involve ceiling decoration. You could explore the incredible variety based on whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors. Choose from satin drapes, paper chandelier to fairy lights or go for potted plants to add greenery or give it a rustic feel with birdcages.

Unconventional decor ideas always grab attention and are sure to give your guests something to look back over with fond memories. Give in to what your heart desires. Play with colors, objects, motifs, etc that speaks to you and about you! Cheers to an Instaworthy wedding!

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